Every summer, crazy news about players going to somewhere else will appear. Every summer there will be some winners and losers in the free agent market. I was quite upset about the offseason cuz there is no game to watch (I’m in mainland of China, so summer league doesn’t count). But now I’m starting to notice the free agent market, because there is also victory and defeat. Take a glance on this year, LeBron went back home, Melo stayed in NYC instead of going to LA, San Antonio Spurs vanished as usual… Cleveland is the biggest winner in this summer, there is no doubt on that. How about take a look at Lakers, the greatest and the most popular basketball team in the world? How are they doing? Those who had a little bit performance are mostly gone, Steve Blake, Jordan Farmer, Marshall, etc. Pau Gasol, the guy who cried last year because of the fear of being traded, chose to leave the team. Bryant is the only one left when Lakers won the championship last time in 2010. He is the soul of this team, that’s why he is still here. Lakers had a fancy about this summer: James and Anthony jump out of the contract and join Lakers. This dream is half-true. LOL. Just recall a little bit, is that true this kind of dream appear every single summer. Nowadays, super stars tend to stick together and work on a ring. Lakers, of course, is not an exception. I’d have to admit that executive manager Kupchak did a great job in the summer of 2012, recruiting Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. It’s not his prob that they didn’t work out, well at least, in some extend. Of course, he did extremely bad on coach recruitment. Anyway, Lakers is one of them who are trying the best to gain the best free agents in the market. Some teams are attractive to free agents, but I am pretty sure Lakers is not one of them now. Unless they change their attitude on this, they are going down. Why is that??? It’s bullshit!!! Lakers was not like that !!! That’s right! WAS. Since when this fact has changed? Since Jerry Buss handed out the team to his son Jim Buss. Jim is not that interested and familiar with this basketball business I have to say. All he cares about, as many other bosses do, is whether Lakers is making profits to his family. Well, he succeeded this year. Although Lakers had the worst season ever in franchise history, they are still making money, a lot of money! Lakers still earned the most money in the league—- 1 billion dollar!!!. He signed a contract with Time Warner which has worth of 3 billion dollar in 20 years. He has the money. Then why should he care about if the team can win the championship or not? Well, apparently he doesn’t. As long as Kobe is still playing, no matter how bad the team is, people will buy tickets, commercial businesses will find Lakers to sign contracts. But what if Kobe is not playing, what if he is injured or retired. I guess Lakers is going down. I’m a Lakers fan myself, that’s why I care about it. But this is the fact I have to admit. There are lots of conflicts between two Busses, Jenny has lots of disagreement on the things that her brother is doing, for example, hiring D’antoni instead of her fiancé. Super Stars don’t want to get into part of this. Kevin Garnet is a good example. In 2007, he decided to leave Timberwolves. There were two choices for him, Celtics or Lakers. He chose Celtics. Why? At that time, Jerry Buss was actually passing the team to his children. There were lots of conflicts. Garnet chose a team that is more peaceful. That’s quite reasonable, isn’t it? So any other players want to be part of it. Well, only the players who actually like LA and money will be glad to come. He also made mistakes. Hiring Mike Brown was the first one. He didn’t ask for Kobe’s opinion at the time. No one will hire a head coach without checking out the soul of the team. But Jim did. Then nightmare happened again, another Mike, D’antoni. After 12-13 season, he even ‘set’ a dead person up. His father. He explained that it was the best for Steve Nash. He was 39! For god sake! That’s how Howard left, how Kobe broke his Achilles. Another potential problem on Lakers is the manager. That’s right! Kupchak! He is so disable to lead the team to a higher level. Well, at least I think so. You will probably say: no that’s not true, he has got 4 championships! I have to ask you to take look back to what happened. The first two rings he got wasn’t his credit, it was The logo guy’s. He was one who brought Phil Jackson, Shaquille, and young Kobe to Lakers. They were the key to the 3 rings. What did Kupchak do? Watching. Lol. Then what about the other two rings? How did that happen? In 2007, Busses were threaten by Kobe. Later claimed that he would leave unless Jerry West retured on the manager’s seat. Well apparently neither of them happened. Then what happened? Jerry West went to Memphis and make the trade of Pau Gasol happen. In another word, Jerry West was the one operating the trade. Bang! 2 rings in a row! So M. Kupchak was the one, again, watching. Then there is another question: why Kupchak’s ass is still on the executive manager’s seat? Exactly, because of his “loyalty”. Jim doesn’t need a manager who is capable, he needs a manager who listen to him and 100% submit to him. Kupchak is the perfect choice. I guess he is also a great ass-kisser. Another 2 years, Kobe will retire with honors and a legendary story. What will happen to Lakers? No one will buy their tickets or jerseys? No commercial contracts? Lakers goes down and Clippers owns LA? Oh thank god there is another team in Staples center! Well, we will see what Busses and Kupchak can do. Lol.